Monday, February 7, 2011

Game Bibs and Redneck Fish Fry

Ohhhhhh my goodness people, the Packers have won the Superbowl!  Nate is happy. There are 2 reasons they won.  These are the ONLY 2 reasons:

1) Nate has been faithfully wearing his Green Bay Packer "game bibs" since the Bears game for good luck

2) We threw a party where we rooted on the Packers from my garage, true redneck style -- a HUGE fish fry (we could've fed half the kids in Somolia Sunday night), TV cords strung through the attic so there was a TV in the garage, cheese sticks and jalepeno poppers, cole slaw, hush puppies, and fries, and good cold beer. 

Here are a few of the guys living it up in the garage, Jeff Foxworthy style:

Now, let's talk about my little heartbreaker, Aiden.  Aiden and Charlie share everything when he comes to visit -- lollipops, ice, lots of kisses, and any food Aiden picks up he gives at least one bite to Charlie.  THE cutest thing I've ever seen!


I Heart Girls Night

In my early 20's girls night out happened basically every time we stepped out the door...anywhere and everywhere I went I was with my amazing gal pals.  The nights were memorable, the outfits were cute, & nights were late (or mornings early, however you want to look at it).  Fast forward 7 years.  The ONLY thing my girls nights have in common now with what once existed are the great girls I spend it with.  We now send our husbands to Buffalo Wild Wings, sit around the kitchen table drinking wine and eating pizza, we call it a night at 9:30pm, and to win the "cutest outfit" of the night award you'd have to be wearing the best looking sweat pants. The only male in the crowd is Charlie, my cocker spaniel. And he IS the hit of the party (see picture below). time passes I have come to love and look forward to my new style of girls night....much different than the glory days, but loved all the same.

Organized Dorkiness

It has happened, people.  After almost 2 years of living with a closet of chaos that started with wrapping paper and decorative home things and has evolved to Cricuit, scrapbooking, and sewing, I have kicked chaos's butt.  I have won the battle.  Here is a picture of a portion of my new craft closet in all its glory.  Yes, I am also a genius. I have installed a manly peg board and dowel rod system to hold ribbon, thread, etc. I bask in its glory. Sometimes, I just go upstairs to admire my creation.