Monday, December 13, 2010

Hellllooooo World!

Hello blogging world!  Well, I have recently discovered that there are tons of ordinary folks such as myself (ok, so ordinary might be a stretch), whose lives seem fascinating enough that they had to create a blog just to keep us up to date on what they do every day.  So, I ask myself - are these people really THAT much more interesting than me? Does my everyday life here in the bustling metroplex we call Texarkana not warrant such a public diary?  I. THINK. SO.

Now, I am a realist. I'm quite aware of the fact that I grow bored of things way too easily. I imagine that I will one day soon grow tired of this phenomenon, which to read other people's posts sometimes seems like a burden ("I knowww I'm terrible, I haven't blogged in over 3 weeks!"  ya know - those people).  I would imagine I'll tell you everything interesting about my life as it stands now, then realize it's not all that fascinating, and then break until I have babies and post like 10 times a week with hundreds of pictures and tell you how excited I am about how much they sleep, and teething, and .... well, you know... baby stuff.

So, here I go...I know, it's tough to contain your excitement.

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