Monday, December 13, 2010

Small Town, USA weekend

What a great weekend we had!  On Friday night we had our company Christmas holiday party - yes, we are one of those companies who can't say the word Christmas in regards to a party.  Anywho, no time for politics now.  It was really a lot of fun.  Not fun like back in the day when I worked for Dallas Real Estate/Barber Group and the Christmas party involved an airplane hanger and Kool & The Gang (I'm not going to pretend that I knew who those guys were before the party, but they wore some SWEET silk outfits that resembled Bill Cosby pajamas), but still falls in the category of fun.
         Mini shout out -- Keri Barber Chambers:  Random Guest: "Where'd you get your dress?"
          Keri:  "Ssssshhhh  Ssssssssaid Yesssssss." 
Okay, so...the party.  Nate was super excited about the food (imagine that). It was at the new add-on at Zapatas, and yes I agree the food was fantastic.  They gave out some awesome door prizes, of which I won none, although I had a legit feeling I was a shoe-in for the $1,000 cash prize. Negative. Loser. A quick recap: great food, a band, a guitar jam session by a surprising group of guys from the office I didn't give "rock out" credit to before Friday night, drama in the girls bathroom I haven't seen the likes of since 6th grade homecoming dance, funny tribute videos, and a general all around great time!

On Saturday Nate and I had married people bonding time....I guess this is the thing you do when you've been married for over a year -- it's not called hanging out anymore, it's called "bonding."  So, to drive home the point that we now live in Small Town, USA here is what we did... We woke up relatively early and sat on the couch reading the paper and watching CMT. Then, Nate decided I should see DEER CAMP -- ohhhh, the beloved DEER CAMP, not to be confused with duck camp, fish camp, or Sulphur River Thanksgiving camp -- these are ALL different camps, people.  So, we took Charlie and Cokey and headed to Cass County.  It was a really nice day, so we took the windows off the Jeep, turned up the country music, rode around, the dogs ran (and surprisingly Charlie came back), we put out corn in the feeders, and to save you the further details we basically enjoyed the wilderness all afternoon long.

My favorite funny moments of the day....
     The song  "If I Die Young" comes on.  Me: Gosh, I really love this song.  Nate listens for a while to the    lyrics "....sink me in the river at dawn...."  Nate:  Soooo, you want me to bury you in the Sulphur River?


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