Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hope You Like YELLOW

An update on my project to-do list:  I've finished re-doing the coffee table and end table

Here's a before.....

And, the after.  You can't really tell in these pictures because I just took them with my phone, but there's a lot of glaze/antique finish.  First time I can say I have seen yellow furniture in person, but I'm kinda diggin it.

I also did the matching end table

Also....while we were on a painting spree I painted my BLAH porch table turquoise.  And then Liz suggested giving a SHOUT OUT to our Hogs with a cute lil Razorback on it.  Can't wait to get it all set up with flowers/cutesy spring stuff. 

And here was my GENIUS plan to keep from getting spray paint on our hands while we held the stencil

Stay tuned for more....unless HGTV calls and I need to take a break to do a guest spot. 

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