Thursday, April 28, 2011

Losing My Mind, One Project At A Time

This week we are giving the TAKS test Tuesday - Friday, and I am an official hall/bathroom monitor.  This means from 8-3 everyday I'm at a desk in the hall doing....well....a lot of obsessing over design blogs.  When I make up my mind to do a project I am on it like white on rice, literally 90mph until it's completely finished.  I'm not a "leisurely hobby project" kind of girl.  I see it and I want it done THAT DAY.   Same way with many things in my life -- like moving.  When I move I want every single boxed unpacked and put up the same day it's moved in.  Mitzi (aka mamma) is the exact same way.  We've come to the realization we are obsessive project people.  We are okay with it. 

Anyway, this whole post is serving as my sort of to-do list of projects I've got going on right now.  Oh, did I mention I'm on a major budget on these projects (mainly because they add no real value to our home, just visual happiness).   

1.  Painting my coffee table and end table.  Yellow.  Don't freak, it's only paint people. 
2.  Re-vamping my front porch for spring/summer.  And sewing new rocking chair seat cushions
3.  New hanging baskets and plants for planters
4.  Painting my planters and porch table turquoise (maybe). I'm really digging turquoise right now. 
5.  Making my own apothecary jars.  I know, it sounds bizarre and cheesy, but you'll see the genius behind not paying $40 for a glass jar very soon. 
6.  Re-doing my french-country looking sconces glossy white with dark glaze accents

Liz is coming over tonight and we're going to attack the coffee table.  Here is our war plan:  lawnchairs in the garage, box of wine, and 7 cans of spray paint.  And we may cook some spaghetti. 
Before and after pictures will be coming soon!  

The only thing I've accomplished so far is a finger I can barely move because I've lost circulation due to the 8 cans of spray paint I've already gone through.  And I've painted my entire right foot with spray paint primer.  Going to have to pay a visit to Nail4U.


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  2. You're so funnyyy!! I loovee all your project ideas..can't wait to see it all when your finished. I am just worried about being closed up in a garage drunk on wine with eight bottles of spray paint....haahaha! love you girls!! have fun =)