Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Storybook Baby Shower

When Erin and I talked about throwing a baby shower for Annette we couldn't really decide whether to do a theme....that was until she came across the storybook theme.  We sent out invitations ("Once Upon a Time...") and asked guests to bring their favorite storybook with a special message to baby Amelia.  Huge hit - everyone loved the idea and the invitations.

I can't take any credit for the below pictures and ideas.  This was all Erin.  She was in charge of the food, and boy did she deliver!  CUTEST IDEAS EVER to carry out the theme with the food!

And the absolute cutest thing ever -- THE HUNGRY CATERPILLAR fruit tray!

Here is the canvas that my cousin Marci painted for Amelia's room.  SO talented!!

A cute little outfit with matching hair bow I made her


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  1. I truly adore this Storybook Baby Shower. All the food looks fabulous and very delicious. At local indoor San Francisco venues we also attended a funky baby shower. That was so crazy and we laughed a lot in that funky party. They had old Mexico themed traditional food that was so tasty.