Sunday, May 29, 2011

Red Light Revival

If you saw my post after New Year's Eve, then you know that I'm a new fan of the band Red Light Revival...just some hometown country boys who really know how to put on a great show.  Friday they played at the Colliseum and a few of us went...had a great time! 

Check out the band

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Front Porch Spruce Up

I forgot to post these pictures a few weeks ago when I did my front porch spring cleaning.  I made some new cushions for the rocking chairs, the wreath, and of course have planted some flowers/hanging baskets, just waiting on them to bloom a little better.  Love our little front yard!!

Bam. Birtday gift.

My sister, Erin, came in this weekend and brought me my birthday present...let me just preface these pictures by making sure you all know that she MADE this gift for me -- like started with just a trunk full of wood and a couple of power tools (see 2 posts below for stories on this :))   

This is the answer to project messiness!!  It's a project table with storage in the middle for my sewing machine and foldable sides with legs.  When I need to hide the mess in the closet I fold down the legs, when I am ready to work on a project I roll it (yes, she even thought to put it on rollers) out in to the room and expand the legs while I work.



Thank you SO much sister!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Heart Hurts

My heart actually hurts. Is that possible? Our wonderful friends moved this morning. I'm so sad they're leaving that I am having a hard time finding joy for them and their new adventures in life that they deserve.  I know, what a terrible friend I am being!  

I realize that this is selfish, but I can't help it. I'm sad to be losing friends that live 4 miles from my house.  I'm going to miss Tuesday nights when it's 6:00pm and we randomly decide on a girls night with pizza, sweat pants, and trashy reality TV. I'm going to miss pool side Saturdays in the summer, marathon football watching in the fall, Thursdays at BWW, homemade guacamole, and the company of 2 of the best friends a person could ever ask for.  So there. I admit it.  I'm selfish.  I'm sad for me, for my loss, which is keeping me from being as happy FOR them as I know I should be. I'm a selfish bad friend.  So sue me. 

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday, and Mother's Day

Let me start by saying that the marathon weekend I mentioned a few posts ago was a WONDERFUL weekend - I loved every minute of it, but we couldn't have squeezed one more thing into that weekend if we tried.  The word busy doesn't even do it justice.  I needed a vacation from my weekend off work. 

It started out with the baby shower (last post) which was preceeded by the 10:00pm trip to Walmart the night before the shower (see post referring to the trainwreck that happens when you reveal WAY too much skin at your 10pm to Walmart and top it off with white sandals). 

Anyway, we had 4 more reasons to celebrate that weekend:  Erin's birthday, Tucker's birthday, Reese's birthday, and Mother's Day.  And there was a party for each and every one of these.  That's a LOT of cake people.

Let's start with Erin.  Erin likes to celebrate her birthday month, not just the actual day, so to say she's been on top of her wish list is putting it mildly.  Good thing Carey is an EXCEPTIONAL gift giver and always on top of letting us know everything she's dropped hints about.  (I do in fact realize I just ended that sentence with a preposition.  Calm down Mitzi).   But I regress. 

Back to Erin.  My sister has two obsessions:  make-up and power tools.  You're thinking what a weird combo, right?  You wouldn't be thinking that if you were hustlers like Carey (her husband) and me. We are busy scheming ideas on how to make money off her many talents.  I'm thinking she should have her own show on HGTV because they really struggle to find hot women carpenters/designers on that channel who can actually build stuff, and her show would be a huge hit. She's going to have to dress up while she's elbow deep in sawdust, wear boots with heels, and her hair down.  She's probably going to give me a little trouble with that one, but she'll have to take one for the team.   I'm going to be her manager.  Well, maybe I'll have to leave that for Carey.  Most likely I'll be on the crew that does all the crappy work behind the scenes when the cameras aren't rolling and the designer comes back into the house with NOT ONE paint drop on their clothes and the walls are miraculously finished.  I'll head up that crew.  But who cares, I'll get to travel with the fam, won't have to ever cook, I'll get to boss people around, & have a famous sister.  It's a win-win. 

Again, I regress.

Erin. Power tools, and lots of them.  Birthday.  Dinner at Zapatas. Good times.  Here is her getting overly excited about a tool I know nothing about (no, I'm not referring Carey, I'm talking about the actual power tool she's holding).  Get your mind straight people.

We also celebrated Tucker and Reese's birthdays that weekend.  I'm still sold on the fact that the only thing you should get a kid under the age of 4 is a wrapped cardboard box filled only with tissue paper.  That's the only part of any gift they like.  Instead, we got Reese a set of plastic golf clubs, which he then used as a weapon.  Definitely worth the 10bucks.

What is so stinking cute about a 1 year old smashing cake in his own face?  I'm not sure, but it is.

Mother's Day:  great day, but I didn't take a lot of pictures.  Everyone went over to mom's house, we ate some great hamburgers my dad cooked, and played some baseball in the backyard with my 8 year old cousin Kade.  This is not surprising though, considering my uncle (Kade's grandad) is 100% convinced the Rangers scouts are going to be calling any day now. Shout out Uncle PeeWee!!

 Tucker and his cute cute cute overalls! 


Storybook Baby Shower

When Erin and I talked about throwing a baby shower for Annette we couldn't really decide whether to do a theme....that was until she came across the storybook theme.  We sent out invitations ("Once Upon a Time...") and asked guests to bring their favorite storybook with a special message to baby Amelia.  Huge hit - everyone loved the idea and the invitations.

I can't take any credit for the below pictures and ideas.  This was all Erin.  She was in charge of the food, and boy did she deliver!  CUTEST IDEAS EVER to carry out the theme with the food!

And the absolute cutest thing ever -- THE HUNGRY CATERPILLAR fruit tray!

Here is the canvas that my cousin Marci painted for Amelia's room.  SO talented!!

A cute little outfit with matching hair bow I made her


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cute Headbands and Home Remedies

Hello Saturday morning....I have been waiting on you!  I still have not updated since the marathon weekend, but there's always lazy Sunday for that.

In the meantime, I'm semi-obsessed with my new headband creations....check out one I made here on my sister Erin.

I'm not usually a home remedy kind of person....the whole thing gets a little sketchy for me. That is until I unknowingly got attacked by swarm of killer mosquitos Tuesday night.  Okay, slight exaggeration, but still, it was bad.  What is worse than itching feet?!  I was having to get up in the middle of the night and re-apply that pink itchy lotion (name is escaping me right now) just so I could get back to sleep. 

Enter Liz.  As I was whining to her over the phone over my insane itching, she says "oh, take a hot bath with a few tablespoons of Pine Sol added to it and soak."   HUH?  Pine Sol?  And should I wear panties in the bathtub because that just does NOT seem safe.

Well people, let me tell you, it works.  It takes the itch right out of those mosquito bites.  All I had was generic dollar store lemony pine something. I can only imagine the relief if I would've had the real stuff.

Until next time....enjoy cheap headbands, home remedies, and have yourself one of those "I refuse to put on make up" Saturdays.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Marathon Weekend Preview

This weekend was packed to the max with birthdays, family, baby shower, mother's day, kids' parties, and weekend visitors!  I'm pooped.  Crazy tired.  I've got a LOT to share, but it's not gonna happen tonight.  However, I couldn't resist giving you a little preview.

Location:  Wal-Mart
Time:  9:51pm
Date:  Friday night  May 6th
Violation:  TMS.  TOO.MUCH.SKIN.  And white sandals. Always a bad idea.

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Just A Door....but it's cute dang it

Every spring, fall, and winter I get a new wreath for my front door.  Here is my creation this it!

Happy Birthday to NATE!

Nate turned the big 3-0 on May 1st!  Did he want a big bash in Vegas with his boys? No.  Did he want  extravagant gifts and to be surrounded by 50 of his closest friends?  Definitely not.  He wanted food.  Just food. Good food, to be exact. We officially celebrated during our anniversary trip to Hot Springs, but for his actual birthday he asked for food that sounded like a death row inmate's last request:  Dad's famous BBQ ribs, "Thanksgiving" corn, and an ice cream cake.  His every wish was granted on Sunday, and he loved every minute of it!!