Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America

Thanks to my friend Bekah, I was reminded of the perfect way to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to America this evening.  Most of all you fellow Americans need to be thanking Rachael Parnell for reminding you how proud you are to be an American tonight, and here's the reason why....  Call me crazy, but I <3 karaoke.  When Nate and I decided to have a small wedding on the beach in Destin with just family and a few close friends I couldn't think of a better way to make it more redneck  casual and fun than to find a DJ that also offered karoke.  This was, perhaps, the best decision I made.  See the proof below.

Rachael told me on my wedding night that she forgot to bring me a gift.  I told her that her presence was all that I could've hoped for.  Then I changed my mind.  I wanted a gift.  A REALLY good gift.  And there's nothing I wanted more than for her to sing us a song.  The DJ didn't have my first pick, and her ALL TIME best performance to date, "Daddy's Hands,"  but he did in fact have the song "Proud To Be An American." 

Eat your heart out Celine Dion.  There's a new star on the horizon.

Happy Birthday, America.  This is for you.

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