Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ohhh, Facebook: poor poor pitiful me, lord have mercy on me

Remember this little jewel from 1996? She even rocks a cowbell.  MORE cowbell!!  FLASHBACK alert!!

 Yes, this is the song that comes to mind when I look at facebook some days.  I've noticed an influx of people who get on facebook JUST to complain....allllll the time, just complaining.  Every day they have a new ailment, one day they complain 3 times about how busy they are, then the next day they are whining about being soooo bored. These people really get on my nerves I feel really sorry for them, so I came up with some tips: 

1) Sick (again, for the 10,000th time since January):  go to the doctor. there's a good chance you are a hypochondriac

2)  WAY too busy today, not enough hours in the day!!:  get off facebook complaining about how busy you are, you'll get a lot more done

3)  Today you're bored:  get a job. it takes up a ton of time.

4)  Someone did you wrong and you are venting on FB but refusing to name names: okay, first, this is not CSI.  i'm not a detective, so stop posting ridiculous paragraphs about "phony" people and really wanting everyone to guess who you are talking about but refusing to just flat out say it.  just because you are FB friends, doesn't mean you are actual real life friends. just de-friend them on FB and in real life. 

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