Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ohhhhh teen mom

Just thought I'd share a few thoughts on tonight's episode of Teen Mom . . . mainly because I'm stuck in a 3rd rate Best Western in the manure capital of the world, a.k.a. Hereford, TX and I have nothing better to do.
1. Farrah:  in the same episode is needing social security and a loan for a breast augmentation.  funny how those two should NOT go hand in hand.  as long as it's for "sophia's future" i guess it's totally okay.  i can definitely see how farrah's size Cs will help sophia in life.  and to top it off she is sooo mean to her sweet dad who is trying to help her . . . .  okay you little diva . . . i guess being a teen mom star puts you above the help . . . i mean your parents.

2.  Amber:  WHAT a heartbreaker!  i mean if i had only known 10 years ago that overplucked eyebrows, half a can of white rain in a slicked back high ponytail, refusing to buy sheets for my mattress, and punching my chubby easter bunny boyfriend in the face every few days would get me 2 guys fighting for me i would have been MAJOR in my high school years.  ahhhh well, hind sight is always 20/20. 

3.  Maci:  ohhhh Maci, there are just some things you don't EVER tell your boyfriend.  for example, that your baby daddy thinks he's "slow" . . . just a little helpful relationship advice, i think dr. phil would agree.

4.  Catelyn and Tyler:    this says it all . . . . .  
Catelyn:  "omg mom someone tried to break in my window."
Mom:  "so."
Catelyn:  "can you come look, it's like really scary?!"
Mom:  "so what do you want me to do?  like freakin protect you or somethin?"

hmmmm wellllll, that would be quite a marvel idea - to protect your children.

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